Corporate entertainment, team building activity days and corporate hospitality events

We are pleased to be able to offer the following services and much more:

- Team building events including adventure weekends, treasure hunts, orienteering, ropes and assault courses.

- Multi-activity days team building event combined with physical and mental team challenges. 

- A selection of unique events which you or your clients are unlikely to have experienced before.

- Evening entertainment and a whole host of themed parties.

- Destress, pampering and relaxation spabreaks for individuals or groups.

- Yacht sailing: there is nothing like being at sea with a gentle breeze blowing and the lapping of the waves to make everyone forget the office.

- Fun events
for large numbers of guests including families and children.


Corporate Events do not just happen

They require flair, experience, creativity, methodical planning, and perfect delivery because we know that bonding with your clients or personnel can set you apart from your competitors. 

MAGMA DMS experience in the Corporate Events is a guarantee that your clients or business associates will participate in unique, well planned corporate activities and cultural events. It's not just about having a good time, it allows you to exchange of business ideas, discuss new company plans, promote new products or highlight sales initiatives directly with your most important clients or key staff in an informal atmosphere.

MAGMA has the ability to provide maximum flexibility for servicing different needs, to design and operate all types of events and to help you translate your ideas into memorable and cost effective events with maximum impact because we know that you must assure a return for your investment.

From team building events to corporate parties: Magma offers a wide range of choices and options throughout Greece.

Last update: 14 March 2010

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